Pillow appointed as new managing agent to prevent illegal parties

Pillow Partners are proud to announce that we have been appointed the new managing agents for 10 Downing Street in an effort to curb the recent flood of illegal parties.

Westminster Council has insisted 10 Downing Street desist from the constant parties that were in contravention of the local laws. The head of the council, Scott Cheg, said “We have placed this property in the capable hands of Pillow to ensure these constant parties do not happen moving forward”

Mr Johnson disputed the claims by insisting they were not parties, but “work lunches” and the topless women were not strippers, but waitresses that simply wanted to cool down after serving so many lunches to the hard-working, dedicated and selfless government officials, tech company owners and party donors.

Scott Weir, the founder and CEO of Pillow Partners said “We are delighted with our newest listings and look forward to welcoming new guests. The property will be available from next week due to the cleaning team working overtime for to remove all the flour scattered about the property, assumingly from all the home baking from all the “work lunches).