A New and Exciting Partnership

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Mr Lee’s Noodles. Use Pillow10 for an exclusive 10% discount when ordering. It is a new way to enjoy your staycation with Pillow. We will have more exciting giveaways and exclusive discount codes.

All the noodles are free of MSG, hydrogenated fats, and other harmful additives. In addition, it is full of the finest available ingredients from across the globe. So the chicken tastes like chicken, the ginger tastes like ginger, the bamboo tastes like, you get the picture.

Pillow offers the best staycation accommodation across the UK, and Mr Lee’s Noodle is the best in the market. What more can you ask for? Here at Pillow, we support the healthier way of living; that’s why we support Mr Lee’s Noodles. So join us in celebrating UK staycation while enjoying the best tasting noodles.

To order, please click here.