Claire inspires year 7&8’s at QEGS

Claire Woodroffe visited Queen Elizabeth’s grammar school in Ashbourne. She was invited to speak about what she does as her career to inspire the children to work towards a future goal. We asked Claire some questions on what her day consisted of.

Pillow – It’s amazing news you had the opportunity to speak to the children! What year group was it?
Claire – Year 7’s & Year 8’s in Queen Elizabeth’s grammar school in Ashbourne.

Pillow – What did the children love the most about your visit?
Claire – The kids loved asking me lots of questions when it was their turn too. They asked so many questions but some of my favorites were ‘ How old can you be to start a company’ and ‘How much money do you make in a day

Pillow – What did you speak about?
Claire– We talked about how I started my own business, what I’ve learned since starting. What attributes do I look for in my employees and what makes a person employable? We also spoke about the pros and cons of having your own business and what motivates me every single day. One of my employees joined me at the school to speak to the children also. He’s 22 and started his clothing brand (when he’s not working) He spoke to them about his experience too and what it’s like starting at that age.

Pillow– Did the children seem inspired after you spoke to them?
Claire– Defiantly, they were so engaged with me. The teachers had great feedback at the end too!

It’s amazing to see the Pillow Partners Family branching out to inspire others to set a goal for the future!
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