Coming out of a lockdown

Coming out of a lockdown

The lockdown is seen as a negative experience. As the whole world begins to ease restrictions, talk about what life can be like after lockdown is trending. Some have started planning their staycations and fulfilling their cravings. Some see it as having a sense of freedom.

The recent development may be a positive note; however, it also has brought up some anxiety.

Here are three tips to slowly prepare yourself:

  1. Plan with friends and family. Talk with them about having drinks, of staycations in proximity to home, of our favourite restaurants re-opening in the future, of picnics together in the parks where we’ve been exercising alone. Having a support group is always a good idea.

2. Try not to go for a considerable change. Start easing your way out from the lockdown. Any sudden significant changes in our daily routine can be stressful. To battle the anxiety caused by recent developments, the expert suggests taking small steps, to begin with.

3. Manage your expectations. Making minor adjustments first can help you prepare for the new normal. It’s best to practise these visualisations in the days running up to going out. It might be helpful to think of small incremental changes over the period.