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This will be over.  We will be allowed out again! And when we do we will all want to get out of the house where we have pretty much spent every minute of every day!!!

So Pillow wants you to have something to look forward to once we get to FREEDOM DAY!!!  So we are launching our Pillow Staycation Voucher scheme.  Simply choose a property you want to stay at once you can and the voucher will be allocated to your stay on the dates you choose.

And the bonus?  Every voucher bought in April will have a 100% bonus added (making it essentially 1/2 price!)  So buy a £100 voucher and it will be worth £200 when you redeem it!

We have hundreds of amazing properties to choose from and our owners will be welcoming you with open arms!

When FREEDOM DAY is announced we expect to be at the best properties.


Why support Pillow in this?

The short term lettings industry has been decimated by the lockdown. And we want to support it and get it back!

Pillow works with small, independent property owners, not big massive chains.  For most owners, they own one property and it can be their livelihood.  The income from their single holiday home often pays their bills.

So by supporting them, they have the income to support other small businesses in their local economy,so it has a massive snowball effect.  As well as this, guests then support the local restaurants, cafes, attractions, and shops - basically kickstarting the economy again.

Your short Staycation has a massive effect in kickstarting the economy and helping many small business owners.

How can you help?

3 simple ways to help:

  1. Buy a Staycation Voucher for yourself or gift to someone else
  2. Share this or any of our content with someone else
  3. Introduce us to a holiday homeowner that we can help