Corporate Lettings

Corporate Letting

Here at Pillow, we provide fully serviced apartments throughout the UK. Our corporate letting properties can offer flexible stays from between 1 week and 3 years. All of our properties are all inclusive, meaning you pay one monthly bill that includes gas, electricity, WIFI and council tax. That is what corporate lettings is all about.


Serviced accommodation for corporate lettings and contractors by Pillow

Serviced accommodation for corporate lettings and contractors by Pillow

We are specialists in corporate, short and long term letting. Utilize our extensive lettings experience, local intelligence and extreme dedication to make the process of letting our property as straight forward as possible. At Pillow, we have corporate property managers all around the UK. Their role is to first of all make sure everything is perfect for the guest so if there are any problems, they can attend to it sharply and to make you feel at home.

At Pillow, we are extremely flexible. If the property you are staying in is available for the period you need it, you’ll be able to extend your stay to suit you, ideal for corporate lettings when you need flexibility.


When you need to work away from home, hotels can be an expensive and impersonal option. A corporate letting from Pillow provides you with value for money serviced apartments at a much cheaper rate than hotels. Over the long term, serviced accommodation works out much cheaper than hotels - it's why we love corporate accommodation!


Flexibility vs a standard tenancy agreement

The great thing with corporate letting and serviced accommodation is that you are not tied into a long term contract.  You can rent from the week and give notice at a time that suits you.  Terms can be from one week to a few years.  You also do not have the onerous commitments of an AST (England & Wales) or PRT (Scotland).

Accommodation for Contractors

Pillow have various options for contractors that offer amazing value for money.   From £15 per person, per night. Better locations than hotels, with much more flexibility.  Our properties have fully equipped kitchens, washing machines and loads of other facilities that hotels don't.


Short-Term Lets

If you are looking for accommodation anything between 1 week and 6 months, short term rentals may be the path you are looking to go down. This option is more cost efficient compared to hotels and could be more suitable to your needs.

In our short-term rentals, all properties are fully furnished and all bills are included. This often appeals to companies as it is a flexible type of tenancy and is perfect for interns and trainees.

Have a look at our current short-term lets at the following link: www.pillowpartners.co.uk/properties/

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