Free Staff Member for your Pillow franchise

Starting your own business can be challenging. The pressure builds up daily. As part of Pillow’s commitment to our new franchise partners, we are pleased to announce that we now include a free staff member with our Pillow franchises (until July 31st). You will receive an assistant to help you grow your business. Aside from the training and mentorship from experienced Regional Property Managers, an assistant will be assigned to you for 25 hours a week for the first six months.

Pillow will employ them so there will be no added cost to you, and we take care of all legislation, payroll, HR etc. In addition, our Senior Property Managers will give them full training and support along the way to ensure maximum impact on your business growth.

Your assistant can help you secure new listings, administration/support tasks, customer service, social media marketing and database and building/lead generation.

There has never been a better time to join the Pillow family. Nobody does it better than Pillow.

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