FUR-ever Travel Buddies

FUR-ever Travel Buddies

Having pets is not an easy task. We are responsible for their well-being. However, there are times that we need to leave them behind. Work and travel are just some of the reasons. 

Pet hotels are the only option we have now. With that in mind, Pillow Partners offers an alternative. You can choose from one of our pet-friendly properties. This type of accommodation is not available in hotels. Another reason why serviced accommodation is better. Think about hiking around Glasgow, Lancashire or any part of the UK and spending it with your adorable pets. It’s a vacation made in heaven.

We at Pillow, understand it would be tough for us to take our pets anywhere. With pet-friendly properties, planning to take them in our travels will be more comfortable. 

We do believe that being away from our furry-friends can be stressful. That’s the reason why we offer pet-friendly accommodations on our selected properties.

On your next travel, contact us and let’s discuss your options on pet-friendly accommodation. Let us plan it together. Please send us an email at info@pillowpartners.co.uk.

Visit us at https://www.pillowpartners.com for accommodation options.