Happy New Year Pillow Family

The year 2020 was unprecedented. We have never experienced something like it before. No one had prepared for it, and we are still experiencing its effects. What we can do is adapt to the new normal.

Difficult as it may sound, the year 2020 is not all about the sad news. It brought us closer together. It made us realize that we are all interconnected one way or another. It made us rethink all of our plans, and we know better now!

The things we have experienced and learned this year will be valuable moving forward. We now understand that we are stronger together. We will meet the coming year with renewed strength, vigour, wisdom and renewed optimism.

We have shown that regardless of the circumstances we all face, when we work together, we can do great things. We have provided Christmas meals to several elderly who were alone on Christmas, and we also provided essential items to the homeless in Glasgow. We have worked with local businesses and charities to uplift everyone’s spirits.

All these things will not be possible without the help of the entire Pillow team, property owners, guests and our partners. We are the Pillow family!

2021 is a new challenge, and it would not be easy. However, whatever the year throw at us, we are ready. We know we have each other backs. The family that works together grows stronger together.

We thank all of you for your continuing support and trust. Happy new year!