How Serviced Apartments are Different from Hotels

  1. ROOM FOR FLEXIBILITY – The basic difference between the two pertains to the flexibility of space. Living in a serviced apartment has the greater scope for leading a flexible lifestyle. They have turned into a hit with business travelers who stay there with their friends and family. For instance, they enjoy the facility to cook their own meals at their own time as opposed to requesting room service to get it for them.
  2. LACK OF LOGISTICAL HASSLES – The second difference pertains to logistical hassles pertaining to the ease of booking. Aside from the prominent advantages in living quarters and enhancements, booking them online is especially simple as you can choose them as per the quantity of rooms that you need and make this your temporary second home. The convenience of booking them is particularly useful during the peak holiday season when most of the city’s hotels are booked.
  3. THE BEAUTY OF VARIETY – Another awesome thing in regards to the serviced apartments is that they come in different categories. So, it is easy to choose an apartment which will suit your convenience needs. They could range from a modest one bedroom-hall-kitchen to extravagant ones with 2 or 3 rooms, singular living and feasting areas, fitness studios and fully furnished kitchens. Hotels, on the other hand may have categories like deluxe rooms, premium rooms & suites.
  4. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY, HONEY! – In comparison to five star hotels which entail numerous out of pocket expenses, serviced apartments are cheaper alternatives to stay in. So, pay less, enjoy the comforts of staying in a hotel like environment and bid goodbye to costly room benefits.
  5. LONG STAY – Owing to the fact that the prices for serviced apartments are pegged fairly reasonably, it is suggested to choose serviced apartments if you are intending to stay for a long duration; say a month or two. This is a better alternative to staying in a hotel or with your relatives in the city.