Invest with Pillow

Pillow has designed a range of ways to invest your capital to suit all levels of serious investors. This isn’t about just sourcing properties, it’s about helping you build a business. Something that is totally hands-off, as tax efficient as possible and can be passed to your children while totally avoiding Inheritance Tax.

The products on offer are ranked in order or ease and investment level.

1) Fixed Returns of 8%

Amount: from £50,000 – £500,000
Don’t want to take the risk, or have all your money tied up in property? Then simply loan the money to Pillow and will offer a fixe return monthly and pay you the principal sum back in 2-5 years – nice and easy. And risk-free!

This return is more than 400% more than the typical savings rate. And as saving account rates are less than the current inflation rate, you actually lose money keeping your savings in the bank.

This is the most simple of our strategies and can be set up within 7 days.

3) Individual Holiday Home Investments

Amount: £150k – £250k
Ideal for the single investor looking to acquire a holiday home that is owned by you. Use it privately when you wish and gift nights to friends, family or charity.

Pillow will source amazing properties we know will work and set this up as a tax-efficient business for you. Our expertise will ensure you have the right investment to start with that will generate 10%+ returns and is totally hands-off.

3) Holiday homes portfolio business

Amount: £500k+
Let Pillow build you a portfolio of holiday homes, all within the same tax-efficient business. This could be individual properties, but most likely sourcing ready built sites. Pillow would then work (hands-free for you) to increase the value of this business year on year.

This “buy and build” strategy leaves you with a business that can be sold for much more than the bricks and mortar value of the individual units.

4) Investment funds

Amount: £250k+ per individual
Portfolionnging from £1m to £10m
Invest in holiday home businesses with other investors to build a large portfolio. Get access to larger investments you wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. Monies will be invested in special properties / existing businesses that will offer great returns and Pillow can grow the income to increase the overall value of the business year on year.

By grouping together you minimise the risk of your single unit performing poorly. We match you with the right fund for you.

If you are interested in any of the above, then get in touch with Scott Weir at We will send you over more info on how it all works, arrange your 20-minute initial strategy call and add you to our Investor List. We will then let you know about suitable businesses to invest in as they become available.