It’s time to list with Pillow

It’s time to list with Pillow.

Pillow specialise in generating bookings for our clients. We have a team of local Property Managers all over the UK and a sophisticated system to find quality guests for our clients.

Pillow has a massive campaign across all social media platforms and ensures we generate bookings. 

Listing with Pillow allows you to improve the promotions of your property to our Staycation audiences so you can take advantage of all our marketing spending and activities.

We also dedicate a lot of resources to securing medium and longer-term bookings, where suitable. We work alongside any marketing you already have in place with your property, boost your occupancy, and ensure it has the widest exposure.

Why list with Pillow? We have listed down the benefits of listing with us. Enjoy and maximise your income.

✔️Maximise your visibility internationally

✔️Free to list on our brand new site packed with unique features

✔️Support local charities and great causes

✔️Use your property to give back to your local community

✔️Get access to a longer-term contractor and corporate bookings (if appropriate)

✔️Promotion on our social media channels

✔️A channel build for you, not to maximise profit for shareholders

✔️A UK based company that answer the phone within three rings

✔️You retain complete control of your pricing, calendar etc