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Why list with Pillow?

Everything is now digital. The worldwide web control almost all the information available. The farther your reach, the better. If you are a business owner, a strong online presence is a great marketing strategy. Landlords are business owners who much need this type of marketing. The farther the reach, the more potential guest they can attract.

Who could better help landlords improve their online presence than Pillow? Pillow has been managing properties for 14 years, and we keep on innovating. Our peers have recognized our great culture and performance. Pillow is an award-winning brand, and it proves our commitment. Our experience and dedication have been put into consideration to provide innovations in property management.

Our excellent new booking platform will get you more bookings. It will also allow you to give back to your community by supporting local businesses and helping the local charities and vulnerable individuals that need help the most.

We are proud that Pillow is the first company in the UK to link bookings with giving back the local charities near your property.

Online Travel Agents can shut your listings down when they choose, they can refund your guests when they choose, and they can change the terms just so they look good in the media. We won’t just close your listings down like them. The best part is, It’s free to list!

You really do have nothing to lose! Contact us now for more information or click here.