Showcasing local photographers

Pillow photographer

Pillow is looking to showcase local photographers on our new platform.  Rather than boring old stock images, we love to promote individuals and use their unique images on our site. We give full credit and select a limited number per area.

We promote your image in various ways:

  • We use the best images on our homepage (where visitors get a different image every visit)
  • Promotion on our social media
  • Listing on the Area Page with your contact details


Who will it be seen by? 

It will be seen by all website visitors, guests to the area, property owners, local businesses, and all of our charity partners.


Types of photographs 

  • Any local images to your area
  • Local landmarks
  • Nature and cityscapes
  • Local businesses (like restaurants cafes etc)
  • Anything that relates to travel, tourism, holiday homes or hospitality


Our platform supports local businesses and charities so we also want to support local artists by showcasing their work. We can get pretty much any image for free from sites like but would rather help promote individuals in the communities where we have our properties.

If you would like to be involved then please just get in touch with your local Property Manager or email us over at