New website requirement

Brief – New franchise website

We are looking to update our franchise website. The current one is very basic and requires a nice refresh to look more professional.

Current Site –

We would like a look similar to this site – Just a one-pager with a similar look and feel, but with 1/2 the content to the London Real site. There are many elements we don’t require from that site.

Our updated content will likely be twice the size of our existing site, with a few additional graphic blocks, text panels, and videos. The existing domain can be used and the old site scrapped. I’d also be open to the idea of sticking in within our main site, rather than have 2 separate sites –

This post has been designed to give enough info on the project to allow web designers to decide if the job is for them and to quote.

If you would be interested in working on this project with us, then email over a quote/proposal to

Thank you. Scott Weir /CEO 🙂

Who we work best with…

At Pillow love to partner with people who:

  • Make it easy to do business with them
  • Deliver work as promised
  • Are realistic with their price
  • Respond quickly to communications

In return Pillow promise the following:

  • We will pay immediately after delivery (and often in advance)
  • We will be very easy to deal with 🙂
  • We promote and support those businesses that are our partners
  • We don’t demand discounts or the low prices – we are happy to pay people for what they are worth