Partner with Pillow

Welcome to Pillow Partnerships, The exclusive opportunity to raise brand awareness and provide product promotions. 


When guests check into our properties, the first thing they will do is an inspection. Within the first 5 minutes they will have looked at the welcome pack and interacted somehow with your product. 


Our properties are mainly self catering accommodation, if the product has left a good impression they are more likely to go and buy that product above all else when they go to buy there supermarket shop on the first day. 


How can you get involved? Here are the 3 ways to get involved;


  1. Provide a physical product sample for the welcome packs 
  2. Provide a special offer leaflet / discount code 
  3. Provide any relevant branded items for the guests to keep 


We want to enhance the customer experience, so we are open to working with all companies that are looking for a free opportunity to potentially reach 50,000 guests a year throughout our properties. 


Why should you get involved?


  • Extensive product exposure in our accommodation 
  • Social media promotion including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Features on our newsletter. 
  • Promotion on our accommodation bookings portal


Brands that have previously been involved; 


  • Mr Lee’s Noodles 
  • Robusto Luggage 
  • Whitworths 
  • Spicentice 
  • Lodough
  • Pip Organic 
  • Misterfreed
  • Love Corn 
  • Wallpaper mural  & so many more.

How we support small businesses & in which way we do it;




Contact us at partnerships@pillowpartners.co.uk


We have recently had the delegates for the COP26 conference staying with us at Pillow Partners;