Pillow Communities 2021

Pillow Communities is a vital part of what we do. It allows us to give back to local and national charities, ensuring that we do our part in our communities’ development.

You will often see members of the team getting involved in Charity fundraising. Pillow Communities will continue to get involved in the community this year. We hope to reach more, and our commitment is getting stronger each year.

The Beatson Cancer charity and 2020 22 Mile Challenge are just some of the charities we partnered in 2020. We aim to work with more and encourage others to do as well. Supporting one another is one of our main goals this year. We can heal as one, and together we are stronger.

The pandemic has taught us one thing; We now know what is essential and straighten our priorities. This year we are more robust, we are ready, and we have our plans in place.