Pillow Communities Support FAMS Charity

Wellness, a term we usually hear when we discuss a persons wellbeing. It is both the physical and mental aspect of one’s overall state. With so much uncertainty in our world, no wonder we build up anxiety.

We look around, and we see many factors that can lead to depression, anxiety, and many questions. The family of murder victims, suicide, and having suicidal thoughts and feelings, particularly to young adults, are the most vulnerable. A Lanarkshire based volunteer-led Charity is supporting their families and peers.

FAMS has been operational since 2013; the Charity has to date supported, helped and touched thousands of people in areas such as befriending, advocacy and lived experience peer support. The volunteers are trained in various support services and are offering support to people in distress across the whole of Scotland. FAMS also have a “Young Volunteers Steering Group” that provide young person peer-support and
are an integral part of the future development of FAMS.

Pillow Partners supports FAMS charity and what they stand for through our Regional Property Managers and the Pillow Communities. To contact FAMS charity, you may visit their website at https://fams.chat/ or email them info@fams.chat.