Nominate a Community Hero to win a £100 for Pillow

Pillow Community hero

Do you know someone: 

  • Who put themselves at risk to help others?
  • That helps others without recognition?
  • That is a great community member?
  • That has gone above and beyond?
  • Or that is just amazing?

We want to hear about them!!!!

Let us know who they are and their story below and every week we will pick a winner and send them a £100 voucher to use with Pillow when we get back out of Lockdown.

But we won't stop there as we believe Community Hero should get something as a recognition for their dedication so we have decided to give EVERY nominee a £25 Voucher!


Pillow Stronger together

How to Nominate your Community Hero

Simply submit the details in the form below

  1. Nominees Name
  2. Where they are from
  3. The reason for the nomination

Every single nominee deserves recognition so the Founder and CEO of Pillow will give them all a personal shout out weekly on our social media channels.

The winner will be chosen by an independent person/organisation every week.  This will always be done by someone outside of Pillow to ensure impartiality.