Become a Pillow Partner and work from home

Become a Pillow Partner

We are relaunching our Pillow Partners Programme with 20 new home-based opportunities.

The idea is simple - become part of the Pillow family and work with us to generate bookings,  get new managed properties and find new franchisees. And earn commission on every successful lead passed. No travelling, no setup costs, no ongoing costs.  Just a computer, internet connection, and some the right attitude!

This can be done alongside family or existing work commitments, so an ideal home-based position.  This is also a starter position that can be the first step into full-time employment with Pillow, should that be of interest in the future.

  • Full training is given (online)

  • No startup costs

  • Work from home and pick your own hours

  • Become part of the Pillow family (join in on our training, support, and group chats)

Why are we doing this?  Well, it's really simple. Like all businesses, we have a "Customer Acquisition Cost" CAC.  This is what it costs us in marketing spend to get a new customer.

And this spend traditionally goes to Facebook, Google, Airbnb etc - the usual culprits.  But where does this money actually go?  Well you already know - it goes on absolutely obscene wages, eyewatering bonuses, and to billionaire shareholders.

And that actually goes against our Core Values and culture at Pillow Partners. We are not about funding billionaires, we are about being #StrongerTogether in the community level.

So what is the solution? Well, I want to give that same money, not to billion-pound companies, but to people like you.  To our supporters, friends, customers and family.  To people in the local communities that need the money a lot more. For food, heating bills and filling their cars to take kids to school, and that just need to make ends meet.

So I've created 20 opportunities for partners to join Pillow so I can give this "Customer Acquisition Cost" straight to them, not big tech companies.  It's a nice simple swap - to you rather than them.  You can work from home, pick your hours, fit it in around family and hobbies and just go at your own pace.

We will give you full training, all the resources you need and support you all the way.

Email for more information.  (To be clear, we don't want any upfront money or ongoing payments - it is free).