Pillow Partners founder picks up Entrepreneurial Spirit Award

The Entrepreneurial Spirit Award celebrates entrepreneurs who have overcome hardship either in their personal lives or business careers to be the driving force behind their business’ growth.

Scott Weir, founder and CEO of Pillow Partners, has been the guiding light for his business amidst the pandemic. With unwavering optimism that this too shall pass, he has guided his entire team throughout.

He has positioned his business and team to take this as an opportunity to rethink their current strategies and to come out on top of the market. His vision of “stronger together” has lifted up the morale of his team.

As what Scott said ” It really was a privilege to win this award, and I must give all credit to my amazing team who all came together to ensure we not only got through the lockdown but came out the end stronger” It is not only a catchphrase but a show of commitment that he puts his team first above anything else.

Scott has won other awards given by Great British Entrepreneur Awards, he won the Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year in 2019. This only shows the commitment he has to his team. Thinking of more ways to improve the level of service they provide and build careers paths for others on the team. His success is attributed to how he handles his team. He built a strong team by making sure each member reach their full potential, he has been very supportive, thus ensuring he has a great team behind him.

Kudos to Scott and the whole Pillow Partners team!