Pillow Partners Presents Corporate Accommodation

Corporate Accommodation provides complete temporary housing solutions within a stable residential setting. To simply put it, it’s a home away from a home setup with all the necessary stuff you see in your own home.

Why is Corporate Accommodation preferred over a traditional hotel? 


A traditional hotel room can be a bit small. You have your bed, a work desk, then the bathroom. For the same amount, you can have a fully functioning house with all you need. Corporate Accommodation comes in executive, standard and budget ranges to suit all requirements. Often corporate apartments will have a workspace available for those after-hours emails! 


Corporate Accommodations are almost everywhere: in big cities, near universities, suburban areas, and even remote places. Its location gives you access to other cities as well. 


Internet is a necessity. However, traditional hotels offer no WI-FI, or if there is, the speed is not enough because all the guests would share it in the building. Corporate Accommodation gives you exclusive access to your wifi. That is ideal for late-night meetings or working at the end of the day reports. 

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