Pillow Partners Top 10 Scariest Locations

Here at Pillow we love some good spooky stories of the past around our properties. We thought we’d share some of the select locations which have a spooky past in the run up to Halloween. Travel around the country with us and take a look into the past.

1- Whitby –
Not only is Whitby famous for being Count Dracula’s burial ground, It also has many other ghosts & ghouls. Sometimes if looking closely you can see the Ghost of St.Hilda roaming the Abbey at its highest windows. If you take a trip out to the lighthouses be careful you don’t trip. Legend has it that a man who fell to his death attempts to trip visitors to join him. There are many more spooky places like Whitby Abbey, Grape Lane, St Mary’s Churchyard and Bagdale Hall. This is one of the best places for a spooky getaway!

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2- Roehampton –
Along with the 119 bodies being found buried under the Universities main campus, Roehampton is famous for its hauntings. Many of the lecturers, staff and visitors have reported an eerie vibe when being in the buildings. Some have even reported strange happenings whilst they are trying to work including being brushed up against and having items moved around the rooms.

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3– Matlock – Derbyshire – Haunted Castle

Matlock has been named one of the most haunted towns in the whole of Derbyshire. The Grand pavilion is an Edwardian building home to a few mischievous spirits, the sounds of child’s laughter often can be heard. If that’s not enough then you can head over to Bolsover Castle which is built on an ancient burial ground. Many have heard screams, lights and the feelings of being pushed when visiting.

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4- Tideswell – Derbyshire
Tideswell is well known for its ghosts haunting people in their own homes. Although one the spookiest things about this town is the former catholic chapel on Church street. Locals say that there is a secret passage and ghostly ghoristers have been heard singing hymns in the ground below. Just before a death in the village they can often be heard late at night singing off into the distance.

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5- Chester –
Chester was nearly named one of the spookiest towns in the UK! If you go down to Northgate street you may see the ghost of John Davies who fell down the stairs & stabbed himself. Walk down Watergate street for the sobs of children accidentally killed with arsenic and see the only home who survived the plague in 1647! You can even visit chesters most haunted hotel in which you can hear a brawl & fights going on from an empty room.

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6- Peterborough –
From the eerie college to the horrors of hinchingbrooke house, there are lots of haunted buildings to get your spooks! Peterborough’s cathedral is surrounded by former monks & residents who aren’t quite ready to pass over. You can visit Conington level crossing which is said to be one of the most haunted in the country named as the ‘crossing of death’. They say that Colonel Mellows still haunts the tracks & opens the gate.

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7- Inverkip
Inverkip is most definitely haunted by it’s witchy spirits, haunted chapel and the centres on the main street. Mary Lamont was charged and executed along with 12 others for the conspiracy and practising of witchcraft, which still haunts the town today. If you’d like to go ghost spotting then head down to the former ravenscraig hospital which was formerly an asylum, you can hear disembodied footsteps through the streets of the new estates.

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Somerset has one of the strongest paranormal presences with 397 sightings reported. Shepton Mallet prison, open from 1625 to 2013 has one of the highest sightings ranging from the lady in white on the stairwells to the soldiers walking the kitchen. Many that died are still buried under the prison. The sedgemoor battlefield and Taunton castle are also well known for a ghost or two!
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9- Blackpool
Blackpool pleasure beach is the third most haunted attraction in the uk and it’s by a clog wearing spirit! One of the original ride operators in 1930 was nicknamed cloggy, since his death over 20 years ago he still haunts the Ghost train with groaning, scratching noises and footsteps. You can also visit the ‘Journey to Hell’ event to experience some spooks they have on offer.

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10- Surrey
Ham house in Surrey is said to be the home of the restless spirit Elizabeth Murray. Many visitors experience a strange oppressive atmosphere on the ground floor with pets reluctant to enter. This is not the only spirit to haunt the house, they say a suicidal young man who fell in love with a servant girl can also be heard in the property.

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