Pillow Society have donated to help the homeless in Glasgow

Pillow Society Cares

Christmas will be a little different this year. The pandemic had made its mark in our society. Businesses, small and large enterprises have had their share of struggles. We are fortunate that despite the current situation, we are blessed and had to keep ourselves above water. We acknowledge that we could not have done all this without the support of the entire team.

As a way of showing our gratitude, Pillow Society has partnered with local businesses and suppliers to donate essential packs during the cold winter months. It is a small gesture of goodwill during the cold and wet Scottish winter. We will provide self-care and hygiene packs to homeless people in the city.

2020 has made us grateful for what we have, and we are delighted to have been able to help this great cause! We continue doing our part for the betterment of the entire community. It’s a promise we made before all of this had even started, “We are stronger together!”