Pillow Society

Pillow Society - Helping those in need with every stay

Pillow Society is our Social Impact arm of our profit-making business. In 2018 our CEO noticed that at Pillow we have an amazing opportunity to do amazing things for the local communities where our properties are located.  As we manage holiday homes and serviced accommodation, we have spare occupancy in some of the UK's most amazing properties.  So he set about calling every single owner personally and asking them to donate 7 days each year to charity. Scott explained how such a small gesture from each ower could make a massive difference to society's most vulnerable groups, and even save lives.    The response from the owners was an overwhelming YES!!

How we help

Pillow raised funds and gives back in 3 main ways...


Donations from Owners

Pillow as all owners to donate 7 days a year of their property for us to donate to charity.  Our target is to donate give 14,000 nights a year, and the equivalent of £1m worth of free stays.


Donations from Guests

Guests have the opportunity to donate between 1-3% of their booking amount when booking via our platform.  We also have donation tins at each property, as well as ample (nonpresured) opportunities to donate during and after their stay.

We also encourage guests to leave nonperishable food for local foodbank donations.


Donations from Pillow

Pillow lease property from owners long term to allow us to donate at will and offer all of the year to charity.  We aim to have a network of 50 properties all over the UK that can be donated to good causes.



Who we help

Although we do not exclude anyone from help, we do try to focus on the individuals and groups that need it most and that it would benefit the most.  Here is a small selection of who we have helped recently:

  • Domestic violence (emergency anonymous accommodation)
  • Child poverty
  • Mental health
  • Terminally ill
  • Respite
  • Community heroes

Generally, we try to focus on local, smaller charities that are less well known.  We know the money we raise and the donations we make mean a lot more.  In addition to our goal is always to raise greater awareness for these small charities so they then benefit from many more ongoing donations form the wider public that they did not get before.  Therefore maximising the impact we have.

How you can help

The more people and organisations we have involved the more we can help, so we always love getting more people in our network.  We are open to all ideas and offers of support, but here is just a few ways in which you can get involved:

  1. Owners - Donate a stay in your property (you don't need to be a Pillow client)
  2. Charities - Register your charity with us and let us know how we can help
  3. Individuals - Nominate someone who needs help or a reward for being a community hero
  4. Everyone - Like, share, and comment on our content (the more we are seen, the more lives we can impact!)


Thank you - Scott Weir, Pillow Founder & CEO