Risks of party guests in Short Term Rentals

The truth about party pads and bad guests

What are the actual risks of operating a short term rental business? Unfortunately, the media has sensationalized very few instances that some short-term rental property got trashed. Why? Because it sells!

Pillow Partners CEO Scott Weir publish an article on LinkedIn about The truth about party pads and bad guests. He detailed the real reason why this type of news most often gets media attention. He also discussed the PR challenges he had to overcome.

Since 2016, Pillow Partners have hosted over 38000 guests. Furthermore, the truth is that most guests are, well, boring. The guests checked in; they checked out with no drama. The risks of things going wrong are always present, but they do not outweigh the benefits of a short term rental business. Scott also discussed how Pillow’s experience in managing properties help reduce the impact when this type of issue occurs.

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