Pillow Safe Space retreats
Pillow Safe Space Retreats is a network of safe and relaxing vacation properties across the UK where guests can heal, rest, reset and make memories.
Every guest who stays with us helps create something amazing for those who need it the most.  The Safe Space Retreats are also supported by our property owners, generous individuals, and our corporate partners.
Who we can help
We open our retreats to those who need it the most.  The booking process is very simple and can be anonymous when required. We receive applications from the families wishing to stay, nominations from friends and family, and referrals from our charity partners.  Here are just some of the causes we have supported:
  • End of life
  • Child poverty
  • Mental health
  • Domestic violence
  • Respite breaks
Retreat Pillow

We aim to build a network of 25 Safe Space Retreats across the UK that are easily accessible by public transport and located in fantastic locations that guests will love.

Our spaces are created for people to relax, reset and take a break from life.

How you can help


  • Support the retreat of your choice at checkout when booking your property on www.pillowpartners.com 
  • Leave non-perishable food, clothes, books or games when you checkout
  • Donate at any point during your stay by scanning in-property QR codes

Property Owners

  • Pledge 7 days in your holiday home to raise money for the retreats
  • Donate 1% of income monthly (Clients of Pillow)
  • Lease your property to Pillow for 3 years and allow us to set up a brand new retreat


  • Join our monthly fundraising activities
  • Donations of games, toys, books, etc
  • Volunteer to counsel, mentor, and run workshops for our guests


  • Donate products to make our guests stay enjoyable
  • Join our monthly fundraising activities