Serviced Accommodation Management

What is Serviced Accommodation management?

A landlord in short term or long term letting industry’s main goal in to increase his rental yield. In doing so, one must market the property to reach its full market potential, make sure all repairs are taken care of and customer service is properly observed. That means hard work and stress comes along with it.

A Serviced Accommodation Management company will be able to help landlords achieve their goal without stress. Time is valuable. They can now enjoy their extra time as the management team handles the day-to-day task of running the business. Systems and processes, which includes but not limited to social media marketing, email marketing and using third-party companies to promote the property, are in place to make sure goals are met.

The best possible way to promote the property is by caring for our guest. A serviced accommodation management company should be able to provide great customer service. Guests are fully taken care of that they will promote the property for us by referring their friends, family and colleagues.

Pillow Partners is dedicated to making sure that our landlord’s goals are met. We also assure them that every detail of the partnership is properly discussed. Once an agreement is reached, everything will be transparent. After all, this is a partnership.




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