Stronger Together - How we colaborate


One of our Core Values at Pillow is #StrongerTogether.  We believe that by collaborating and working together we can all achieve multiples more than going it alone.

We focus on 6 key partner groups where we build relationships, help each other, and work in close partnerships.



  • We partner with property owners and guarantee to make them more money than doing it themselves
  • We free up your time, reduce stress and maximize income by creating hands-off businesses
  • For more hands-on owners, we can take care of all the marketing, allowing them to focus on the onsite guest experience



  • We work with individuals from all over the world to start their own business
  • We support, train mentor and promote our entrepreneurial partners
  • We help support and coach young entrepreneurs



  • We want to work in partnership with other property management companies to get the best results we can for all our clients
  • We offer other management companies the opportunity to become partners, not competitors, and share in our success
  • We love supporting small, independent businesses near our properties
  • We want to work collaborate with synergistic businesses that share our values
  • We help small business in our supply chain to grow their businesses



  • We build long-term relationships with our corporate and contractor clients
  • We help guests facility social impact and making ethical buying decisions
  • We reward frequent guests who stay with and support our charities
  • We support our loyal guests in any other ways we can



  • We love supporting community micro charities with donations, marketing, and awareness
  • We provide anonymous emergency accommodation for domestic violence referrals
  • We can provide charity raffle donations to help you raise money



  • We can help property investors source, setup, and manage their portfolios
  • We can help overseas clients invest in UK property and invest in UK businesses
  • We give investors and VC's a fantastic opportunity to be part of Pillow's success


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