Things you can do during a lockdown

The pandemic has forced many of us to sit tight at home. The lockdown is an excellent strategy to slow down the spread of the virus. It is also a perfect opportunity to learn new things.

Here are five ideas of how to use your time wisely during a lockdown.


Being at home gives you time to check the things you have collected over the years. Old books, clothes, decorations, toys and garments; the things you may no longer use can be thrown away or sent out for donations. Some people would love to have them for sure. Living with merely the things we need instead of pilling up items collecting dust is not such a bad idea. Plus, you will be amazed by how much space your old stuff occupied.

Keep Learning

With so much time in our hands, it’s a perfect time to learn new things. Learning is a continuous process, and with more time, the opportunity is limitless. Learning a foreign language or playing any musical instrument is a good start. There are free online courses you can choose. No matter what our interest is, there is always something available at a mouse-click.

Get a new hobby

Cooking, gardening and Knitting are a fun way to start. Getting a new hobby is the best way to keep our mind active and healthy. It is also a great way to surprise friends and family when we finally get a chance to gather. Having some time on our hands is also an opportunity for another step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Reflect and redefine your Goals

With time in our hand, we have enough to reflect on this thing we did for the past years and redefine our future goals. We can do a self-evaluation and gather the things we want. Personal development is the key to building our mental health and self-esteem. It’s a time that we can use the realign ourselves with our goals. Think of it as your “pause button” to clear our minds.

Get in shape

The most common reason we have not to exercise is lack of time. Now, with time in our hand, we can start getting back in shape. Start with some online exercise routine, then create your way that better suits your needs. After all, you have all the time in the world now. Running around your lawn or walking up and down the stairs helps get you active.