Top 5 Reasons Why a Serviced Apartment is ideal

What makes a serviced apartment ideal for all types of travellers?

We have listed down our top five reasons why a serviced apartment is ideal than traditional hotels;

➡️Flexibility! One of the main differences is the flexibility of space that serviced apartments offer. Therefore, bigger space leads to a more comfortable feel. It is ideal for business travellers and tourist staying with their friends and family!
➡️Lack of logistical hassles! The second difference is the ease of booking a serviced apartment. Booking a serviced apartment, especially with Pillow, is simple, and you can make a serviced apartment your temporary second home!
➡️Variety! There are so many serviced accommodation units, from rooms to houses, to apartments and more! The space offered and each property’s finish provide a wide range of options; This makes it easy for you to choose a property that will suffice your needs!
➡️Cost! In comparison to hotels, serviced apartments are cheaper alternatives to stay-in. Why not pay less and enjoy the comforts of staying in a hotel-like environment and not having to pay for amenities that you may never use.
➡️Long stays! Serviced apartments cost relatively reasonable. We recommended that you stay for a long duration. You can save more than staying in a traditional hotel room.

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