Top 5 Reasons why our next vacation is a staycation.

Top 5 Reasons why our next vacation is a staycation.

Staycation is not an excuse not to travel around the world. It is a smarter way to enjoy a vacation. With all the uncertainly in the world today, proximity to home adds some peace of mind. It is also a way to learn more about our own country that we might not have known before. 

We have listed down our Top 5 Reasons why our next vacation is a staycation.

1. More Savings – We do not need to pay for costly plane tickets for international travel or other travel-related expenses. We don’t have to worry about exchange rates. Travel and lodging tend to be where we spend a significant portion of their vacation budget. With a staycation near home, you can spend all that savings on food, drinks and entertainment. 

2. More time visiting places around town –  Saving on our travel time, we can explore local tourist attractions more. A staycation is a chance to pamper yourself with all your favourite things to do. We don’t need to rush on things and can take our time enjoying every moment of it.

3. Less packing – A staycation proves that we don’t need to pack a wardrobe. A staycation in one of Pillow Partners property will give you a fully functioning home. A place you can do your laundry and a fully equipped kitchen if you don’t feel like eating out.

4. Less travel time – A staycation close to home gives you more control over your time. Figuring in travel time is always stressful. The travel time includes connecting flights and stopover airports. Not to mention the wait time boarding plane. 

5. Less planning – All you need to do is choose where to stay, then explore the local places. Staycation is especially helpful for those of us whose vacation days don’t rollover. Depending on how flexible your workplace is, you can have an impromptu three-day-long staycation a lot easier than you could on a spontaneous trip to the Bahamas. 

For your next staycation, plan it with us. Visit our website for accommodation options.