Business Investment - Scottish Vacation Lodge Group


PILLOW PROJECT202 - Scottish Holiday Lodge Group

Pillow is launching a fund to create a £5m holiday home group in key locations in Scotland.  Employ a Buy and Build strategy to create a strong, profitable chain of holiday resorts (sites with 5+ units) throughout Scotland.

Investor funds will be placed in a UK Limited Company and used to purchase below market value / underperforming assets in Scotland.  Using Deferred Consideration terms where possible to maximise the initial investment across as many sites as possible.

We plan to double the value of the business over a 3 year period.  The individual holiday home sites will all be systemized, brought under an individual brand, improved and fully managed by Pillow to ensure maximum profit within the business, with zero work for the investors. After the 3 year period, the group can decide on an exit or continue to build the group and receive income.


Profit aside, this business will support communities and give back to those who need it most.



  • Private use of any of the properties within the group.  Use personally or gift
  • Solid and safe UK Limited Company investment
  • 100% hands-off investment
  • Efficient tax structure
  • Investment into holiday home businesses, not just property
  • You will be helping charities, vulnerable people and those who need it most




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