We all need a staycation.

Staycation, it’s a simple word that implies fun, relaxation and recharge. Usually, work gets in the way but not today. The pandemic had forced us to stay home, to tend to more important things, family.

Now that the restrictions had eased up, we all are thinking about a well-deserved vacation. However, most of us needed to return to work. Whether you’re working for yourself or someone else, the hard reality is that taking a get-out-of-town vacation isn’t always feasible. Too many obligations. Not enough time, not enough money. Or all of the above.

However, to find a change in perspective, a simple rest to refresh yourself, renew relationships, or build experiences is needed to savour life and spend some real time with folks who see you far too little and be fully present.

Think about it. We usually burn two full days in transit for each end of a trip, plus hours checking hotel reviews, packing and unpacking, jet lag, waiting in line. Instead of trudging through crowds, you could be spending that time enjoying yourself. Plus, choosing a place in proximity to home is always ideal.

The whole point of a staycation is to get away, and there’s relief and pleasure in that. Skip the laundry, dial back the stress, take some time off, unplug for a while. Explore our own country and rediscover its beauty. Schedule a staycation. Permit yourself. You’ve earned it.