Welcome Little Ones

Pet Friendly Accommodations

Welcome Little ones

Being a pet parent is not easy. We are responsible for the health and overall wellbeing.  We meant the world to them. In return, we make sure they are well taken cared and happy. With that in mind, we need to find time to get to know them and spend quality time with them. Much like raising our kids, after all, they’re our children.

With that in mind, it would be very hard for us to take them anywhere. What if our work requires us to travel for some time? What if we need to travel to visit a friend or spend time with our love ones? Those are common issue pet-parents like us face. We at Pillow understand the dilemma. We do believe that being away from our furry-friends can be stressful. That’s the reason why we offer pet-friendly accommodations on our selected properties.

You will have the luxury of bringing them along on your next travel. You can choose from one of our pet-friendly properties. This type of accommodation is not available in hotels. Another reason why serviced accommodation is better. Thinks about hiking around Glasgow, Lancashire or any part of the UK and spending it with your adorable pets. It’s a vacation made in heaven.

On your next travel, contact us and let discuss your options on pet-friendly accommodation. Let us plan it together. Send us an email at info@pillowpartners.co.uk.




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