Why visit Wales?

“Digrif gan bob aderyn ei lais ei hun”

Wales is full of outdoor adventure, distinct culture, fascinating traditions and breathtaking scenery. If you love those sort of stuff, then Wales is the place for you. To sum up, Wales is a great country, and if you are looking for a great time to spend a staycation, then Wales is the perfect place.

We have listed down our top five reasons why we should visit Wales;

The landscapes

Wales is famous for its rugged coastline and mountainous National Parks. There are pristine lakes and rivers, the mountains to climb, such as Snowdon, the world-class beaches and the coastal paths.

The food and drink

Wales is home to some award-winning cheeses, from solid and creamy cheddars to goat’s cheese and unique varieties like Perl Las and Caerphilly. Wales is also well-known for its craft beer and ales, which go perfectly with the tradition of great pubs. 

The myth and legends

Like most of the UK, Wales has an abundance of castles. With castles come myths. Wales is the land of castles and dragons; the heart of Welsh culture is in its myths and legends, with its flag featuring a dragon. 

The pubs

No trip to Wales would be complete without visiting its incredibly charming pubs where you’ll find live music, great food, top quality ales and the warmth of the Welsh people.

The stargazing

Wales was awarded International Dark Sky Reserve status. This means Wales is the perfect place to observe the night sky and ponder the universe – with the real chance of seeing shooting stars, too.