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Buying Local

The year 2020 has been a challenge to all. Large enterprises and small business had been struggling to keep up with the current times. The pandemic had affected the entire economy. Local-businesses are barely making it. As a community, we should make a stand. For years, these local-businesses have been an integral part of our economy. These businesses employ people in the community.

Pillow Partners supports local businesses around the country. We are an advocate for buying local goods. For the economy to flourish again, our local shops need our help. As an initiative, Pillow Partners has supported the UK Wide Kickstart Program. It allows Pillow Partners to employ people around our community.

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Not only employing locals, but our local shops also need us to stay in business. Their employees need us to keep their job. The more we support them, the more people will benefit from it.

The local economy needs local support. Great things start from small beginnings. Here are some examples of small local businesses that are recommended by our Glasgow Property Manager Emma.

Pillow Partners as a family have supported the local businesses by buying local goods. Let’s make this work. Stand with us because we are stronger together!